Why I Love Zedge App on My Apple iPhone 6 Plus?

Tired of the default ringtones in your iPhone? The Zedge app is now here to rescue. With all the thousands of reviews and recommendations, this ringtone app is for sure the top trusted choice among mobile users. When iPhone 6 was released, Zedge seemed to be the perfect pair to get customized ringtones and alert tones for each app and notification. To respond with the demand, Zedge developers released whole new set of ringtones and wallpaper choices for iOS. With its extensive catalog, you can set up exclusive tones for each of your contacts – for example, one for your mom, dad, and your boss. You can also use the alert sounds for other apps like Facebook, Tweets, Emails and daily reminders. Zedge App The nice thing about this free app is that Zedge developers continue to update their iOS version for better navigation and download organization. Overall, Zedge is simply beautiful. You can easily browse and select through the content with its responsive design. Swipe through screens to navigate into different tabs, or tap on upper left side to display the main menu again. The simple interface of the Android version is still there and you’ll get the extensive collection of wallpapers, ringtones, and notification sounds. Each music file can be downloaded and it’s all compatible with alarm sounds and message tones as well. These are categorized based on genre like Comedy, Holiday, Jazz, Reggae and Pet sounds. If you are Indian like me you can enjoy Bollywood, Kollywood and Telugu tones. If you are Myxer App (Myxer is no more available) fan, now you can enjoy Zedge.

You’ll also get HD quality images for iPhone 6 retina screens with its own live wallpaper collection. Choose from thousands of images categorized under Anime, Bollywood, Cartoons, Landscapes and Signs/Sayings, and set one for background, home screen and locked screen. Zedge’s tonesync makes it also easy to synchronize all your downloads with iTunes. Just attach your iPhone with your Mac and click on “sync” at iTunes. From there, all the downloaded ringtones and wallpapers will be synchronized all the time its connected.

What is sales: Different Sales promotions

Sales Promotion goes hand-in-hand with advertisement and many manufacturers/dealers operate contest, quiz, etc., offering attractive prizes to winners. In most cases, the contestants are required to enclose the bill, labels, cartoon, etc., along with the entry forms to qualify for entry in the contest. In some cases, gift or discount coupons form part of the advertisement that could be exchanged or redeemed with the dealers/retailers for a discount on purchase of the product.

sales-promotional-activities-250x250During festive seasons, special discounts are announced and products sold at most competitive prices that help consumers get bargain deals. All these and many other Sales Promotion campaigns result in both the retailers/dealers stocking the items and inhibit the customers to make trial purchases. In other forms of Sales Promotion campaigns, door-to-door selling of new products and offered at prices lesser than the market with or without free offers motivate the customers to try the product and later patronize.

It would not be enough to manufacture products and advertise in order to create customer awareness and enquiries. It is most important to make the product available to the targeted customer at the nearest retail outlet so that the customer could purchase the product. This function is known as MERCHANDISING or DISTRIBUTION. The principal aim of Merchandising is to ensure that company products are made available with as many outlets as possible and also at close proximity to the customers. The retail dealers must be assured of adequate supply of the product range through a channel of distribution like distributors, stockiest, wholesalers and/or company depots.

In industries that cater products which require installation, commissioning, servicing and after-sales-support, SERVICING and CUSTOMER SUPPORT become secondary function forming part of the sales contract and considered to be part of Marketing responsibility towards fulfilling customer requirements, especially during the warranty period obligations

Thus, Marketing is an integrated activity comprising of various functional aspects like Planning, Market Research, Sales, Distribution/Merchandising, Advertising, Sales Promotion. Servicing and related activities and is a complex subject by itself.

Sales is one of the primary and core function of Marketing and gains importance in so far as identifying customer wants and needs and meeting with the requirements through company’s products and services by virtue of specific and innovative strategies and plans are concerned and is aimed at company’s productivity, profitability and growth. For example if you look at website hosting providers like Hostgator or Bluehost they offer big returns to affiliate marketing agencies to promote their products to gain market then later years they will make money from customers. See here a Hostgator coupon code website offering 1 cent first month hosting coupon to get new hosting relationship with the client.

Belkin’s Crock-Pot WeMo Slow Cooker

If there was one fault that could ever be found with the beauty and elegance – and ease of use – of slow cookers, it was that you were unable to do anything about it as soon as you stepped out of your front door. If you were held up in traffic, there was no way of turning it off so that your meal didn’t go dry. But now that problem has been removed from our lives, because the Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker is Wemo enabled. This means that you will be able to control exactly what it does through the use of an app that you only need Wi-Fi to access. Now instead of rushing back home, you will be able to indulge in exactly what you want to do, whether it is catch a film at the cinema, or stay out for longer, because you know that your best crock pot meal will be ready for when you want, and not before.

wemo-img-overview-2This smart cooker is indeed absolutely marvelous. You are able to use your smart phone or tablet to access the app, and make a schedule for exactly what you want to happen with your meal. All you have to do is sync your slow cooker to the app, and wherever you are, you will have remote access to your dinner. Through this incredible and revolutionary app, you are able to see the remaining cooking time, change your cooking temperature, adjust the overall cooking time to be either shorter or longer, or even turn off the slow cooker off completely.

There are four great ways that you can use this app to keep complete control over your evening meal. First, you can schedule exactly how long you want your meal to cook, even from your office desk. Secondly, throughout the day you can monitor exactly how your meal is going. If you ever at any point realize that you actually could do to change the settings on your slow cooker, never fear – you will be able to modify the settings on your crock pot from your phone or tablet. Lastly, and perhaps the best has been saved for last, you will be able to notify your friends and family with the exact time when your delicious meal will be ready!

This slow cooker is perfect for those with busy and complicated lives, that still want to experience the joy and gorgeous taste of a slow cooked meal.

This Crock Pot will available from this spring for $99. If you want to buy a slow cooker immediately you can check here best programmable crock pots.

Picture Credit: Belkin.com

Why I bought this Motorcycle glove? Rev’it Striker Gloves

You guys know that I am avid motorcycle rider, I love to go weekend trips on my motorcycle. I need best motorcycle gloves all over the year so I always keep different gloves for cold weather, summer and light weight for easy ridings.

Once I again last week I started search for new gloves and after reading lot of reviews at last I bought this gloves – Rev’It Striker Gloves

Revit Striker Gloves

Why I bought this glove?

Designed for serious touring and off-roading on a motorcycle, the Rev’it striker gloves by RevZilla is the perfect accessory for the avid biker. It may look like a dirt bike glove, but it is much more than that. Made from leather, nylon, polyster, and spandex these gloves offer superior protection, comfort, and ventilation during even the most strenuous rides.

The stretchy areas provide a snug fit while the short cuff gives added mobility; and with a tri-fleece liner, TPR hard-shell knuckles, and EVA foam at the fingertips, thumb, and palm, this accessory is a definite staple among more serious motorcyclists.



  • This summer motorcycle gloves perfectly fits for my hands and not costly
  • Hard-shell knuckle protection
  • Ventilation panels ad fingers and palms
  • Goatskin leather for comfortable riding

What can you do when there is no power?

I earlier wrote that, as an entrepreneur,nothing frustrated me more than power cuts. A true entrepreneur sees opportunities in difficulties. So, I sat down to think of how best to utilize the time when I had no access to Internet/power. Here is the list:

Unlike desktop computers, laptops are a boon to the Indian Entrepreneur. These days, you get a laptop for cheap. You probably have one already. Make full use of the built in battery time (roughly 2 hours).


Code: If you are a coder, now is the best time to create a dev environment on your laptop. If you are building sofware that needs two Operating systems, there are solutions. If your software needs two machines, there are solutions for that too. And the two hours without power is a gift. No twitter, no email. What more can you ask for as a coder?

Write: This is a great time to write posts for your blog. Having lost have lost the external world, you can go inward on a deep search of meaning and perspectives on the topics that you want to write on. Original content is a natural side effect of no wikipedia. Incidentally, this blog post itself was written when there was no power (Actually, power just came).

Meet: Every business has it’s customers. And every business owner needs to meet them. Over here in Bangalore, there isin’t really a load shedding schedule, but I roughly know when the power goes. And I head out to meet my customers, mentors, interesting people. I learn a ton lot more about my business than I would have, if I were to be sitting in front of my computer.

Think: Thinking is a bizarre activity. For me, the net result of thought on a task ends up un-necessitating the task. It seems to me that the more you think, the less you do. And doing takes more time than thinking. Your hands are much slower than your mind. As you can see, internalized thinking saves time. It may be different experience for you, depending on the person that you are, but all of us agree that it makes sense to put your mind to something before jumping on it.

Play: An instrument, football. Run. Yes, You are pursuing a hobby, it rejuvenates mental and physical health and all those other things. But Importantly, all of these are mind activities. You think analytically, mine patterns and crunch numbers when you play a guitar. Stuff that will help you in your business.

Photo Credit: USA Today

How to send FAX without Fax machine?

I faced this problem couple of times my self, Sometimes when I need to send urgent FAX either my machine will be down or my telephone connection (typical Indian telephone service outage) or Power outage.

Samsung fax

If you are one like me read about this online FAX service – “Hello FAX”.

You can use Hello FAX service to send, receive documents from your Computer or Laptop or Phone ( Not dump phone, talking here about smart phones). You can use Hello Fax services to send, receive 5 pages per month to any destination all over the world for free of cost. If you need more than 5 faxes a month you can choose one of their paid subscription models. See the details here

You can use this service to send Word Documents, PDFs, text files, images and other documents with ease from your computer to any destination in the World.


  • Clean and Paperless service
  • You can transfer your current FAX number to Hello FAX
  • Confidential and secure
  • It is integrated with all major cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive and Evernote

You can also check these other online fax services like FAXZero, MyFAX and eFAX etc.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia.com